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"Flying High With Baby"

This review was published in Crescent Suns e-Books
Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Flying High With Baby
I've read some unusual books in my life. from serious science fiction to humorous science fiction to fantasy of every type imaginable to mystery, drama, romance, horror and everything in between and wrapped around sideways, underneath, and coming out my ears, nose and - ah - ok, we'll stop there. Perhaps the most unusual book I've read in a long time is Remember...In Your Dreams, by Alex Canton-Dutari, aka, Alejandro Canton, another Smashwords indie author.

Remember...In Your Dreams is an off-beat and intriguing book of short stories written as dialogue from a grandfather to his grandchild, who is still a very young infant. What's unusual and off-beat aboout this book is that the grandfather visits this baby through the vehicle of out-of-body-experiences and takes this grandchild on exciting and interesting visits, sometimes even into the past to view scenes long lost and all-but-forgotten, by everyone other than this caring grandfather, who yearns to make this infant aware of the rich heritage awaiting his grandson.

Whether you believe in astral projection, as out-of-body-experiences are also known, or hold one of many beliefs concerning this spiritual mode of traveling, Remember...In Your Dreams is an interesting read that will hold your attention and move your mind along page-by-page until you reach the end of these stories. And the way in which this caring grandfather speaks to his grandson, imparting the information and wisdom that is transferred from one generation to another, is one to be emulated by every parent or grandparent or anyone else who has charge over the care of a child.

In Remember...In Your Dreams, by Alex Canton-Dutari, you will see amazing things and hear even more amazing stories. Do yourself a favor and download this eBook to your eReader pronto. But don't attempt the astral projection without first consulting an experienced guide or at least a detailed guidebook on such.

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