martes, 5 de julio de 2011

Pills or no pills? / Medicar o no medicar?

During almost forty years of clinical practice as a clinical psychologist I heard the argument about medications vs. psychotherapy in the treatment of depression.
It is not difficult to follow either stance if you have not gone through the ailment.
In my case, I have confirmed what I always believed:  Depression skews your thinking process, interfering with your critical judgement. 
Why is this?  Clinical depression is caused by faulty brain recapture of Serotinine.  And the only way to correct the situation is by taking selective regulators of the recapture of Serotonine. Though there are some new pathways being discovered. After a few weeks of treatment you will be able to analyse whatever may have been making things worse due to unresolved conflicts of unhealthy living habits.
Yes, I understand that no one likes taking drugs to feel better.  Nevertheless, living under depression impairs the real purpose of, in fact, living.
Durante casi cuarenta años de práctica clínica como psicólogo clínico particípé en las discusiones sobre la eficacia de psicoterapia o medicamentos en el tratamiento de la depresión.
No es difícil estar en cualquier bando cuando el conocimiento es simplemente teórico.
En mi caso he confirmado lo que siempre creí:  La depresión altera el proceso de pensamiento, interfiriendo con el juicio crítico.
¿Por qué?  La depresión clínica es causada por la recaptura inadecuada de la serotonina en el cerebro.  Y la única manera de corregirla es incluyendo reguladores selectivos de la recaptura de la serotonina, aunque se han descubierto nuevas irregularidades.  Luego de un par de semanas de tratamiento el paciente ´podrá analizar los problemas no resueltos y hábitos de vida no saludables que tal vez agravaron la depresión.
Sí, entiendo que a nadie le agrada tomar drogas para sentirse mejor.  Empero, vivir bajo una depresión erradica el propósito real de vivir, que no es más que eso: vivir.

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Susan Wells Bennett dijo...

Alex, as you may have gathered from reading so much of my work, I have had a lot of exposure to depression in my life, as well as suffered under its effects during my teen years and periodically throughout my life. I have never taken anything for it, though my mother has been on anti-depressants for much of the last twenty years. Thank you for this thoughtful argument in favor of medication. If I am ever at a point where a doctor recommends medication, I will consider it despite my reluctance.

alex canton dijo...

Yes, Susan, it's best to have first hand information... Though I hope you'll never have it so bad that medication is needed. Of course, clinical depression is one thing -- which is what I am writing about -- and low mood, so to speak, is not a real depression but a "sort of depressed feeling." Thank you for coming as far as BJ to read and post.