sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

New "job" / ¿Trabajo nuevo?

A month may have passed since I was invited to join "Book Junkies," a site where writers and/or authors exchange opinions about what they like most: the written word.
Sue Palmer, an intrepid UK reader, also created a page entitled "Book Junkie Reviews."  Guess what? This guy was swept into the brand new field of "review writing." 
What is so unique about BJR reviews?  Not much, and very much.  After reading many 5 star reviews in Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and others we observed that most just described the plot and "Oh, how nice!"
We decided to review for the author's growing benefit, not for promotion.  In fact, some of our reviews are not good for promotion but, one in particular, prompted the author to put a stop on e-sales and did a whole re-editing process.  The new version, with a new title, is worth reading..
We developed some guideliness:
- No plot descriptions { NO SPOILERS}

- No star rankings
- Always write your name as reviewer
Ask yourself:
- Why do I like/dislike the story?
- What can I say to the writer to improve.. if needed?
If you like to read and/or write, join us at Book Junkies http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_115699975172203