lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

How Not To Raise Your Children / Cómo No Criar Sus Hijos

A few days ago a group of former co-workers -- now all retired clinical psychologists -- got together for a few hours of reminiscing about...
Most of them were women, some still married, others divorced.  Throw in two guys -- one a widower and other on a close to 50 years marriage. 
The almost unisone complaint: "Our kids don't have time for us!"
The general opinion:  "We did everything for them... cooking, clothing, errands, birthday parties....."
In the end, we all came to the conclusion that we must write a book.  It's title: "How Not To Raise Your Children"
I did come out in the children`s defense:  "We did so much that they perceive us as invincible...always able to stand on our on." 
Hace unos cuantos días nos reunimos varios compañeros y compañeras de trabajo de la CSS.  Ahora todos psicólogos clínicos jubilados.
Al conversar sobre la familia la queja casi que general fue: "Nuestros hijos no nos atienden..."
Los detalles generales: "Les dimos de todo... cocinamos, vestimos, hicimos mandados, cumpleaños....."
Mi defensa de los hijos: "Hicimos tanto que nos perciben como invencibles..."
Al final, decidimos escribir un libro entre todos.  Tìtulo: "Còmo no criar los hijos."