jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

A Southern Tale of Forgiveness by Brandi Lei Morrisson

A Southern Tale of Forgiveness by Brandi Lei Morrison

Reviewed by Alex Canton-Dutari
I must say that I am quite partial to stories of psychological and cultural inspiration. "A Southern Tale of Forgiveness" did not let me down.
The plight of a set of twins of different color living in the South during the first half of last century was a big enough mess. What Ms Morrison described throughout her novel was somewhat expected but poignant.
I was happily surprised to read the dialogues, which included French phrases. This reinforced the location of the story.
My favourite portion was that pertaining to Jolie's stay at L'Aide. I found it nothing less than superb.
The subject of forgiveness --after living with deep guilt-- was very well handled and completely credible.
I, usually, go by the rule that regional lingo should appear only in dialogues. Though in this particular case I do not know if some flexibility in the narrative is due to the author's inclusion of forms of speech due to regional upbringing, or were slips. An example: "..get off of…" and "walked passed…"
I look forward to Brandi's next book.