jueves, 26 de julio de 2012

Review of Dangerous Times by Phillip Frey

Dangerous Times by Phillip Frey

Review by Alex Canton-Dutari
This thriller caught my interest from the beginning, perhaps because it took me around San Pedro, California, which I remember fondly. It contained all the expected elements -- go...riness, sex, a bit of social exposure and more.
I must say that I felt attached to the main character, Frank, in spite of his criminal mind. For some reason I came to think of him as a criminal with as much geniality as bad luck.
I also appreciated the author's concern about the hostilities between Whites, Blacks and Hispanics, especially the poor of the kind. Though I perceived them portrayed as rather dumb, it was realistic enough.
Nevertheless, I did have trouble following the thread of some characters due to the similarity of their names -- Kirk and Hicks. But this is my fault, not the author's.
I also wonder why, during the reading, I suddenly felt the need to wear a "camelhair coat".

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