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Review of How To Survive When The Bottom Drops by John Sather

How To Survive When The Bottom Drops by John Sather

Review by Alex Canton-Dutari
For some reason I was afraid this book would be another self-recovery manual. To my great relief I read words that were straightforward, passionate..., with conviction and hope for the reader.
Though the subject deals with recovering mainly from financial dire straits, I am convinced that it also applies to social and psychological difficulties. In this aspect, the book is useful in most of the world.
“Move Out Of State” is a chapter that really means change your surrounding habitat. Though, in a small country such as mine – Panama – this might prove difficult.
My favourite chapter: “Get out of house...” and listen to music... This I would follow by
“Live'... without' making an ass out of yourself”. Especially when in hot waters, I would add.
I do have a question, is the need for beer a US thing? In addition, perhaps with a beer on hand, the author could enhance his work with some editing for spelling.
A continuous message: Search for the ups not for the downs! I liked it!
Even if you are living successfully right now, this book has some great tips to keep you prepared... just in case.
Update:  Jt has re-edited the manuscript, rendering it almost faultless.

Author Interview:

-When did you start to write, formally?
It was about seven months ago that I had to do a 45 day stretch in the pokey. I had amassed some 4500 dollars worth of traffic fines over the years and by the time it came to a head, I had virtually no work to pay for my rent, let alone fines. After two weeks into it, I picked up a pencil and started to write down some thoughts. The next thing I knew, I had 25000 words down and it was time to clean it up and do something with it.
-You seem to have a good attitude towards life. How did it develop?
I have to give the credit to my mother. She has taught me patience. The most important thing she taught me was, no matter how bad things get, it can always get worse. There is no bottom, except when your dead. You have to let things roll off your back. If you let it pile up on you, sooner or later the strain is going to snap your spine.
- What has been the most difficult part of writing?
As far as the initial writing of my thoughts, that was easy. Organizing them into paragraphs and chapters, that seem to come pretty easy too. Mind you, it had been 25 years since I had written anything. I forgot a lot, but as I wrote day after day, it came back to me. When I wrote my second book, (This might sound ridiculous)I finished it in 28 hours. It was an 8500 word short story. The fact that it was non-fiction made it easy. It's a tale from 20 years ago about a guy that had done me wrong, so I got him good. The memory is still so vivid in my mind that it flowed out of me like a river. The hard part now is, I have to learn this whole marketing thing. It doesn't do me any good to write ten more if I can't find a way to sell the first one. Luckily I found some help, so with a little luck I can start to earn a living from this. I'll find out soon enough.

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