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Review of Dante's Awakening by Devon Marshall

Dante's Awakening by Devon Marshall

Review by Alex Canton-Dutari
I started reading this book with all my preconceived notions about vampires -- Bram Stocker's and others. Watching movies about them was more entertaining than imagining what ...was in print. My fellow readers, was I in for a surprise this time…
Ms Marshall was able to convince me that vampires do exist and have more freedom than I ...thought -- sunlight, loving, and human social acceptance.
The story of "Vampire's of Hollywood" -- Dante's Awakening-- was straightforward, in wonderful English, depicting strong women both of the human type and their vampire counterparts. And the plot was quite believable -- especially by being set in California.
It is necessary to point out that most of the women were into Lesbian sex, which was a delight to read about -- explicitly enough but never vulgar. I jokingly told myself: "If women can produce that kind of orgasms, too bad I'm not one."
1- When did you start writing, formally?
 Like many writers, I've been writing stories since childhood, and had a couple of English teachers who thought I should pursue writing as a career. I kind of laughed the idea off back then. I formally began writing in 1999 when a small press magazine named 'Monomyth' accepted one of my short stories for publication. It was a dark thriller titled 'Blue Angel' about a guy on the brink of death who 'lives' an alternate version of his life. Something like that, it was a long time ago! I've had a mess of other short stories published in various places since then, and now two novels and a novella. So I guess I have got that 'career' underway now!
2- How difficult is it to write about lesbian themes?
Well, I'm gay myself, so I'm kind of living the issues! I guess the biggest issue for me would be the social and political aspects of being gay or lesbian. Some readers like to see these aspects of their lives reflected in fiction themes, and I totally get that. However, personally I don't enjoy too many of these themes in fiction, and I'm also uncomfortable, creatively speaking, including it in my own. I have opinions on these issues, of course, but when I read fiction - or indeed write it - I want it to be an escape from these often perplexing aspects of reality. Other than that the only real difference in lesbian themes is that the emotional dynamics of relationships can be somewhat different from male-female. Two women are more likely to think alike - on an emotional level - and to know what each other is thinking or feeling. Of course, like all rules in life, there are no shortage of exceptions to this one either!
3- Do you have other artistic abilities?
My housemate, who's an artist and musician, insists that I always underestimate how well I can sketch and draw cartoons. I certainly enjoyed studying art in school and at college, and spent some time working for a small local company that created advertising flyers. But it's been years since I even picked up a sketchbook so who knows what may or may not remain of that ability?

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Devon Marshall dijo...

Thank you for the interview and review, Alex. Much appreciated!

alex canton dijo...

You're an amazing person and writer, Dante!