jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Review of The Last Resort by Valerie Douglas

The Last Resort by Valerie Douglas

Reviewed by Alex Canton-Dutari
I was impressed by how well Ms Douglas handled writing this novel completely in first person, which is not easy to do. It helped to almost participate in “her” quest.
The author has earned the right to be flexible with her punctuation – she has written enough books.
This is not my preferred genre, but it was comfortable to follow and, by the way, enabled me to learn something about new social trends – Goth, Wiccan…
Just a word for clarification: If the reference was to the country originating drugs, Colombia, not Columbia, is the correct one.
I am glad I read this book

1-When did you start to write, formally?
 Although I've been writing stories all my life it wasn't until about eight years ago that I settled down and got serious about it. I'd made attempts before, but it's like quitting smoking - you try, fail, get discouraged, try fail again, get determined, try, dig in and keep going.
2-Do you have a family background of writers? As far as I know I'm the first, although apparently I've inspired a cousin to give it a shot.
3-Do you have other artistic abilities? I have been a portrait artist, and I sing pretty well - I was asked to sing a solo at a church as a favor (because I knew the Latin version of O Come All Ye Faithful - Adeste Fideles)

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