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Review of Nuns: A Memoir by Bernard Mendillo

Nuns: A Memoir by Bernard Mendillo
Review by Alex Canton-Dutari
Though I was not educated by nuns, Jesuits were in charge of making sure my morals went along the Catholic paths, many of which started pouring through as I read this personal ...account of the author's years in grade school.
It is unusual to find a story which exposes wrongs that make a person re-evaluate beliefs and take pertinent actions such as leaving the Church; instead, it does not send a message of revenge but of understanding.
The author is able to compose wonderful graphic sentences: "...Electrons flock to pure gold like Jesuits to a good stake burning."
I felt a bit embarrassed by the mention of "Noriega madness." Of course, this stems from my being from the former dictator's country, Panama.
Oh, yes. I still cry out "St. Blaise!" whenever I get something stuck in my throat.
This is a serious book written with a good undercurrent of humour in plain good English.
1- When did you start writing, formally?I started writing in high school.
In college, I majored in creative writing--and started to consider myself a professional writer in grad school when I won a nationwide playwrighting contest.
2- Did any of your children go to Catholic school?None of my children went to Catholic school.
I no longer consider myself Catholic and have not raised my children in any formal religion.
3-How difficult is it to write in the first person?Writing in the first person is actually easier than writing in the first person.
I can just be myself in the first person.
I don't have to be "in character" because I am the character.
Of course, writing a memoir means that I have to pay strict attention to facts and details--I have to get dates and names and places right.
In a novel, I can just make things up.

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