lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

Interview with Mitt Ray

Jack The Homework Eater by Mitt Ray

Review by Alex Canton-Dutari
Though this story seems directed more at teenagers than adults I found it quite enjoyable, especially as it was well written.
Some situations may have not been quite believabl...e from my adult stance, though my child inner being accepted the presence of several dozen children cramming into Alex’ room.
The final lesson learned was not expected by me, and I was quite pleased by it.
I will definitely read more stories by Mitt Ray.
BTW, I was taken by “Tea being eaten,” an expression I would have frowned upon had a close British friend not explained to me that “tea time” is more than just tea but includes other edibles.


- Have you attempted writing a full novel?
Yes I have. I finished my first novel last year. It was a book that follows the life of a fox hound, his pack of hounds, their masters and the foxes that live in the forest. I haven’t published it or sent it to any agents or publishers yet. I might do so in the near future.
I finished my second one recently. This is definitely complete and I am trying to find an agent for it. Hopefully I will find one.
- What do you like most about being a creative writer?
When I start imagining something and I type it or write it down, it brings a smile upon my face. The only thing that can beat that is when someone appreciates my work. These are the two best things about being a creative writer.
Who is your favourite?
My favourite author is Jack London. I adore Jack London’s writing style. His book ‘White Fang’ is my favourite book. I also like ‘The Call of the Wild.’

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