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Interview with Robert Ruisi -- "Dancing into the Fog"

Dancing into the Fog by Robert L. Ruisi
Reviewed by Alex Canton-Dutari
I would suggest beginning the book with About the Author. This would make the reader more sympathetic to some differences in ordinary writing such as using several verb tenses in a paragraph, the lack of or interesting flexibility in punctuation.
Another suggestion would be to divide this work in Book One, written by Ruisi, and Book Two, written by the medical specialists. The former tells a poignant story during the prodromal stage of the illness. The latter is a detailed medical exposition about Alzheimer's disease and findings about its diagnosis, prognosis and still underdeveloped treatment. Both sections are written in very different styles and languages -- one understood by most, the other understood by those familiar with medical lore.
From personal experience, I think that this is a book worthwhile reading especially if the reader has a family history of Alzheimer's disease.

Interview with Robert Ruisi
1. When did you start writing, professionally?
Funny about that it happened shortly after I became ill about 5 years about and have not stopped since. 
2. What did you learn about Alzheimer's through writing this story?
Although for myself I make a great deal of fun out of the illness but what I did learn through the story is 30% of the people diagnosed for Alzheimer's disease DO NOT have it but have something else. I also learned the scary side of the disease and have at the end of the book a image of the brain before and after. It is alarming to say the least. 
3. I have written your short stories. Have you ever attempted a full-length novel?
Oh yes I write short stories all the time. I have written over 60 short stories for children that will be released a few at a time over the next two years. Because I awake until a story is finished I did write one that is rather long 82,000 words over a 4+ day stretch and no I do think anyone could make sense of it! lol Seriously, none of my normal editors are willing to go through it and it is adult orientated which is something I do not normally write about so...

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