viernes, 19 de julio de 2013

Review of It's The Water! by Marìa Beltràn

Book Review

Reviewed by Maria Beltran for Readers' Favorite

Written by Alex Canton-Dutari, It's the Water is the story of Zane, a Peace Corps volunteer in Panama, and Martin, a Canadian-born Californian. They walk through different paths of life only to see their roads come together. Each of their journeys is also a different story to tell. The meeting of the two youngsters, however, is the most interesting one. It is not destiny; it is just a story of love and loss, self-discovery, and the significance of the travels we make.
Alex Canton-Dutari writes a novel that has a gay character. People might think that this is another gay story that focuses, if not preaches, on embracing one’s true identity with a touch of love and romance. Do not be misled and forget all your preconceived ideas about books that have a gay character. Canton-Dutari is among the notable writers profiting from an admirable sense of dedication that attends good writing. Reading It's the Water, you will be able to grasp the author’s intention- a fiction that does not emphasize different sexualities, but a new brand of narrative echoing a shared human experience.
The author provides vivid descriptions of the characters that are never offensive. The author writes: “Someone wrote a gay novel,” was a phrase Zane (the main character) would immediately correct – “The novel has a gay theme. It isn’t the same thing.” Perhaps this, too, could be the author’s way of telling us what this book is about and showing us the difference between writing a gay novel and a novel that has a gay theme. It’s The Water is undeniably done in good taste by dealing with a gay character in subtle and elegant prose, making it inoffensive especially to straight readers.