martes, 10 de septiembre de 2013

The Good Earth Trilogy by Pearl S. BuckThe Good Earth Trilogy by Pearl S. Buck

The Good Earth Trilogy by Pearl S. Buck

Reviewed by Alex Canton-Dutari

I read The Good Earth during my early college days, and I was captivated by the prose, which was full of words not common among my peers. Nevertheless, nowadays -- fifty years later -- I could not recall any specifics, which drove me to read the trilogy recently. And I discovered that I was attracted to the literary poetry found in The Good Earth. The Sons and A House Divided were less poetic, but the descriptions, especially of the main characters' feelings was heartening. It was also interesting to compare terms used in the first part of last century which might raise brows today. For example, describing a man as beautiful...

BTW, Ms Buck hooked me on an interest about China, and I have been there several times, always recalling the love for this country instilled by this author. 

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