martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

A House for Mr. Biswas (Review)

A House for Mr. Biswas by V.S. Naipaul
Reviewed by Alex Canton-Dutari
I always try to spot a special detail by Nobel Prize Winners -- in this case Trinidad and Tobago's Nobel Prize Literature Winner.
The Prologue prepares the reader for learning about the life of Mr Mohum Biswas. Right from the beginning the author refers to Mohun as Mr Biswas beginning when he was a baby and on to the end.
This novel exposes the reader to life in the Caribbean islands-country during the early days of World War II. Most of the characters were people from India who had decided to migrate to Trinidad and Tobago as a means to escape the Indian caste system.
I was taken in by the description of the living conditions of this particular group and its interactions as extended families with members trying to maintain their traditions while adjusting to conditions in the West -- in this case the Caribbean.
The reader is given the opportunity to have a taste of the former UK colony and its most important immigrant minority. The variations of the English language are wonderful.
A bit of warning: Women, especially, and children included, are not treated well by modern standards.

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