miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

Daisy (Review)

Daisy by R.B. Clague
Reviewed by Alex Canton-Dutari
Have you ever driven through beautiful scenery over a seemingly well constructed road and suddenly becoming startled because a tire went in and out of a pot hole? This is what best describes my reading of this could-be delightful novel.
The only problem was that the holes in the ground became rather frequent and, though the story kept me very interested, I had to force myself a bit to find out how Daisy and her friends fared.
"There is colony…" "When they eaten and drunk their fill…" "… night came and the Jakob appeared…"The group with whom they would be walking were a varied…" As I am not familiar with the Australian version of the English language -- if there is one -- it is difficult for me to assess if the lack or excess of articles, noun and correct verb tense and some other oddities, just denotes a regional version of the Queen's language or this book should be re-edited for grammar.
Nevertheless, I liked the story. It could be due to that part of me that remains a child and, as a psychologist, I know that children identify more with animals than with people.

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