miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

How To Survive When The Bottom Drops Out (Review)

How To Survive When The Bottom Drops by John Sather
Review by Alex Canton-Dutari
For some reason I was afraid this book would be another self-recovery <how to…> manual. To my great relief I read words that were straightforward, passionate, with conviction and hope for the reader.
Though the subject deals with recovering mainly from financial dire straits, I am convinced that it also applies to social and psychological difficulties. In this aspect, the book is useful in most of the world.
“Move Out Of State” is a chapter that really means change your surrounding habitat. Though, in a small country such as mine – Panama – this might prove difficult.
My favourite chapter: “Get out of house...” and listen to music... This I would follow by 
“Live"... without "making an ass out of yourself”. Especially when in hot waters, I would add.
I do have a question, is the need for beer a US thing? In addition, perhaps with a beer on hand, the author could enhance his work with some editing for spelling: descent->decent… you, your<-> you`re… here->hear and a few others.
A continuous message: Search for the ups not for the downs! I liked it!
Even if you are living successfully right now, this book has some great tips to keep you prepared... just in case.

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