miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

Pisces the Sailfish (Review)

692 Pisces the Sailfish by Don Darkes
Reviewed by Alex Canton-Dutari
While reading the introductory notes by the author I was assured of two main things: 1- No excess of sailing lore and 2- References to South Africa's apartheid from an observers viewpoint.
The reference to the boat's curse I interpreted more as a vehicle for the story to develop. On the other hand, "Sailing is the price I reluctantly pay for the time I enjoy anchored safely in a new port" assured me that this book was about more than sailing.
A hint of a feeling of revenge opened my mind to an underlying story, which was masterfully portrayed. And I was admired, as a clinical psychologist, that such a painful secret was patiently carried by the main character's soul until the right moment.
I appreciated learning some traditional South African rites such as brai, which is also practiced in my country, Panama, though not in an official racist and gender apartheid, in the countryside.
The sandblaster incident was hilarious, and the ancestral beliefs and traditions of the people of Madagascar were valuable cultural inputs.
There were mild grammar slips, though they may be actual bits of South African lore when the author related to something that really hit home.
This is an author whose works I shall continue reading.
About the boat's curse? I think it actually enhanced the owner's life.

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