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The Blackmail Club (Review)

The Blackmail Club by David Bishop
Review by Alex Canton-Dutari
My first pleasure line was learning the origins of the expression <blarney>. I appreciate receiving lessons in word history. To this I should add the Irish brogue one of the characters used.
Author Bishop is really an expert at choosing his themes, and this one was worded perfectly in narration and dialogue. Let's include descriptions such as "…she had a body that made clothes come alive." Or "…with jowls drooping as if her mouth were serving quarters…"
I like to look for possible messages hidden between the lines. The story seems to convey the notion that social sins, especially of youth and greed will turn into heavy burdens in later life.
Along the narration one of the characters referred to a psychiatrist as a "quack." It was a stroke of genious to have written his name followed by "Doctor of Psychiatry." This degree does not exist; a psychiatrist is an MD with a certification of residency in Psychiatry. Hence, the term "quack" was well sustained.
It was a most entertaining read.
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