miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

Through The Gloaming (Review)

Through The Gloaming by Donna L. Dillon
Reviewed by Alex Canton-Dutari
Life-threatening situations can make a person take upon a chain of behaviors that may change his outlook into the future. This seems to be the case of Alex, the main character of this novella. 
Ms. Dillon is turning out to be quite efficient in portraying suffering children and, this time, she has included paranormal aids, which usually increase my interest in a story.
There is just one situation that has me intrigued. Will a person falling through ice think as long and deep as Alex did? I am not quite sure, but a creative writer will make the reader ponder.
Nevertheless, I would suggest that a prompt re-edition for grammar and some punctuation be undertaken: "The headache that he had dogged him since he awoke from his accident was completely gone." "…Jake reluctantly the baby in the stroller…" These examples do most injustice to this novella.

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