martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

When the Cherry Blossoms Fall (Review)

When The Cherry Blossoms Fall by Kim Hotzon
Review by Alex Canton-Dutari
The foreword caught my attention so much that I decided that this was a story I had to read. I found that the author had really written more of a travel log, including photos. The English used – Canadian version – was very easy to read, no pretences of high literary levels, but with such good editing that it was almost faultless. The descriptions of life in Osaka – the main post—during 1989-1990 was so well done that I could envision everything in my mind. Though I have circled the globe I never went to Japan¸ I was convinced that it was extremely expensive. I wish this story would have been available to me some decades ago.
It is difficult to write about a country not our own without making comparative value judgments. Ms. Hotzon makes them in a very tactful manner. 
I think that this is not the type of book that will have a literary appeal, but after reading it I wish I could go to Japan – I’ve been in Narita Airport several times. Too bad I’m too old to travel long distances at present. I love travel stories, especially when well written.

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