sábado, 9 de noviembre de 2013

Wilderness Heart (Review)

Wilderness Heart by Jacqueline Hopkins
Reviewed by Alex Canton-Dutari
I usually tire easily when reading the contemporary romance gender.  Too mushy for my taste.  Nevertheless, this novel kept me interested, especially because the author did not  immediately dive into torrid sexual suggestions or scenes.  Instead, I was presented with what seemed to be serious concerns and personal contradictions -- nature preservation vs. need for lumbering, safe elk hunting. Add a touch of mystery with a thriller twist.
The author's taste in sensual description was highlighted by her description of what a real nice man's butt must be -- one that completely fills a pair of jeans.  As a result I can say that though there are some rather explicit sexual scenes, these are tasteful and leave enough to the reader's imagination.  Sensuality, therefore, permeates the entire story.
I guess I may have forgotten a few things about sex, but I have always been intrigued by the "musky smell" concept -- it brings me the urge to shower the culprit!
Oh yes, love does end up the winner!

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