jueves, 19 de septiembre de 2013

Words -- Palabras

When old age is reached, and I guess I have reached it, there is time for much reflection.  This morning I awoke reminiscing... Were there words so dear appearing at different stages?  It seems to me that it was so. 
As a child, it was "mom."
As a young man "my love"
"Dad" was endearing.
As the years took me into a new generation "Grampa" was  a sweet balm.
Now that the people who originated these words have departed either physically or through other interests I wonder if they will ever be heard again...

La llamada tercera edad nos permite tener tiempo para reflexionar.  Esta mañana desperté recordando palabras que tuvieron gran significado a través de mi vida.
De pequeño la palabra más importante era "mamá" o "papá".
En la juventud de la vida adulta apareció "mi amor".
"Papá" siempre enterneció el corazón.
Al encabezar una tercera generación "abuelito" siempre fue un bálsamo.
Ahora me pregunto, en la medida en que los proveedores de estas palabras han partido físicamente o a través de otras necesidades ¿habrá quien me las diga nuevamente?

Come, My Beloved by Pearl S. Buck -- Review

Come, My Beloved by Pearl S.Buck

Reviewed by Alex Canton-Dutari

This book, which the 1938 Nobel Literature Prize Winner dedicates to India dwells in a subject that though written decades ago has validity in the XXIst Century, that of diversity and equality.

The author suggests that true equality, though tightly embraced can falter when confronted on a personal level and put to a personal test – at the family level. The message is driven stronger to the reader’s social consciousness through an almost absence of her usual narrative poetry.

This is an author that should be read by all aspiring literary writers. The differences and subtleties of both narrative prose and narrative poetry are worth learning.