jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013

Pre-sleep check / Revisión Pre-sueño

It's almost like shutting down an airplane, except that it's shutting down myself before I go to sleep.
1- Night cap -- my hair is so short that it catches cold
2- Vicks vapo-rup is a must on my outer nostrils and chest -- my grandma taught me this.
3- Specs off -- too expensive to replace
4- Walking cane always nearby -- either to walk or beat up a nasty person....
5- Pray to someone -- just in case it exists.... Grandma prayed to an ex-president... I pray sometimes to my friend JAC

Pasos para la camita: !) gorrito -- ya se me enfría la calva 2) Vicks -- mi abuela lo usaba 3) el bastón al lado -- la abuela también lo usaba 4) no anteojos.... Ella le rezaba al alma de su compadre Arnulfo... Yo le rezo a "Quien pueda que t'e por ahí... por si las moscas.... Buenas noches  a todos

Writer's Block (Review)

Writer's Block by M.P. Witwer
Reviewed by Alex Canton-Dutari
I found the interesting conversation between an author and the computer's calendar to be a very clever reminder of all writers' nemesis -- writer's block. All readers of this book, who happen to be writers -- or aspiring to be -- will feel reflected in the process.
Through Ms Witwer's story she gives us a message: A simple description of items or scenes of our surroundings can put an end to our hitting a wall, constantly. And she is able to convey the process in a powerful, poignant but uncomplicated use of everyday American English. May many more awards be granted.

Panamá en el Primer Mundo / First-World Panama

Definitivamente que parecemos un país del Primer Mundo.... En USA son los ciudadanos abriendo fuego en escuelas, supermercados y hasta en una base naval. En Panamá es la Policía asesinando a quienes deben proteger... My Name Is Panama! De paso, ese slogan le dió un título Miss Universo a una Miss venezolana...


Panama is definitely about to be a First-World country.... In the US some citizens open fire in schools, malls and even a naval base.  In Panama we've got the Police killing those they're supposed to protect... My Name is Panama.  By the way, that slogan helped a Miss Venezuela win the Miss Universe crown in 1986.  Definitely, my Panama is quite unique....