sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013

The Gypsy Way (Review)

The Gypsy Way - Running in Corridors- by Frankie Fulwood
Reviewed by Alex Canton-Dutari
This is a book that I had to read twice, to make sure I understood the English regionalisms that were needed in this "English story" -- or was it Irish written in English? It was quite a pleasurable trans-cultural literary experience.
It is not easy to write in first person while maintaining reader's interest, especially if there may not be too many issues to identify with. Though there were, in fact, quite a few. For example, I found that the author's perception of women was -- though not politically correct nowadays -- pretty much the same as most fellows' in my country. (Do they belong to a special… strange… incomprehensible breed?)
The variety of issues encountered were well described -- domestic violence, Irish knuckle bare boxing, even the anthropological facts about the Roma's dark skin tone provided a wide variety of educational facts. And let's not forget the lessons in poultry breeding.
As I started the second read, where I understood that lighting a fag was not a homophobic hate action, but never quite pictured what a sleeper hanging from a nipple was, I realized that I was reading someone's personal diary. 
And yes, the author had me running in corridors following his thread. The first read was training; in the second I got to the finish line.
Go for it!