jueves, 12 de junio de 2014

Como una polilla advenediza

Estoy escribiendo un librito que por lo menos ya tiene título:  Cuentos del Abuelo para nietos ajenos. Ya he completado cinco relatos cortos.
Por algún motivo estoy convencido de que no puedo escribir largo.  Mis descripciones no logran tener los detalles necesarios para hacer brillar el tono mate.
Pero lo que más me preocupa es que parece que se apagó el foco o eso que se llama inspiración, o por lo menos la disciplina de tomar lápiz y papel -- o sentarme a la computadora.
¿Alguien me podrá decir cómo buscar la luz de la inspiración, que imagino como una polilla que pasa repentinamente frente a mis ojos para luego esconderse entre mi ropa?

About Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda, the Chilean Nobel Laureate, was a poet whose work has been translated into most of the major languages of the world. I decided to read his autobiography, where he talks about his life and how he went about writing poetry since he was a child.
He was hailed as a poet and shunned as a Communist by the Western world. Nevertheless, his concern for his fellow men -- especially the poor -- was always present in his work.
The autobiography is full of honest appraisal of his colleagues, and he exposes his opinions of some of the great poets -- Kipling he did not seem to rank as high. The Russian poets were his literary heroes.
I was particularly caught by his observation that there was, at the time, great envy among poets, and how they tried to belittle each other, especially those who had congregated in Paris in the early 1900s. (I thought this was a characteristic of modern-day writers)
Neruda traveled the world over and his keen observations of the different cultures he was exposed to is worth learning about.
Though I read the book in its original Spanish, I am sure that the English translation should be perfect as the former was written in light free verse.
BTW, this is not a book review but a comment of what I read. Sometimes comments tell us more.

Maya Angelou -- In Memoriam

The US and the world lost a jewel. Maya Angelou died a few days ago.. She was an amazing human being, capable of singing her verses through voice and writing. If you have not, read some of her beautiful poems. Delightful!

I just finished reading all her autobiographies and ended wondering if she ever forgave God for having created several races, especially whites. But it was easy to understand how she seemed to carry the weight of centuries of injustice. Strangely enough, I have not found, yet, much of these feelings in her poetry, but I may be wrong as poetry is quite mysterious to me... Still, she had quite a life, and her stammina facing challenges remains an example for living...

Hot Pursuit by Susanne O'Leary

Hot Pursuit by Susanne O'Leary
Review by Alex Canton-Dutari
This third book of the Irish romance series was a very enjoyable venture. Though the main setting changed to Dublin the story maintains the Irish landscape sense. Those who have read the previous books will find a change in scent from the countryside to the big city.
My favourite character was Rita's daughter. She reminds of those supporting characters that make a short appearance in a film and walk away with an Oscar.

The Smuggler -- a comment

A friend of mine is listening to The Smuggler: A Tale by George Payne Rainsford James. He asked me if I could read it to help him figure out what he listens... This book was written over a century ago and is a public domain book. The descriptions of the shoreline of Kent all in non-sophisticated but very distinctive English are music to ears and imagination. To this add a great depiction of England's not-so-underground society -- at the time... Great book.

The Reluctant Jesus -- a comment

This book has so many reviews already that the author does not need mine. Nevertheless, I would like to share my thoughts about it....
The second coming of Jesus -- or not? -- and the final battle between right and wrong -- or good and evil -- has been already dealt with in writing and movies. Though the wit and imagination that Duncan Whitehead got into action to produce a fun read is worth mentioning.
The whole plot was so enjoyable that a few grammatical errorsI spotted did not decrease my merryment.