jueves, 12 de junio de 2014

About Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda, the Chilean Nobel Laureate, was a poet whose work has been translated into most of the major languages of the world. I decided to read his autobiography, where he talks about his life and how he went about writing poetry since he was a child.
He was hailed as a poet and shunned as a Communist by the Western world. Nevertheless, his concern for his fellow men -- especially the poor -- was always present in his work.
The autobiography is full of honest appraisal of his colleagues, and he exposes his opinions of some of the great poets -- Kipling he did not seem to rank as high. The Russian poets were his literary heroes.
I was particularly caught by his observation that there was, at the time, great envy among poets, and how they tried to belittle each other, especially those who had congregated in Paris in the early 1900s. (I thought this was a characteristic of modern-day writers)
Neruda traveled the world over and his keen observations of the different cultures he was exposed to is worth learning about.
Though I read the book in its original Spanish, I am sure that the English translation should be perfect as the former was written in light free verse.
BTW, this is not a book review but a comment of what I read. Sometimes comments tell us more.

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