jueves, 24 de julio de 2014

A Daughter of the Snows by Jack London (Comment)

I read A Daughter Of The Snows by Jack London, recently. and it was rather unsettling to read about the white race being superior to all others, though this was the standard belief in the days of Jack London. There was a deep belief in Anglo-Saxon supremacy. As far as the author's descriptions, the breaking up of the ice on the Yukon river was so well detailed that I almost felt the rumble under my feet.

sábado, 19 de julio de 2014

Cosas de Abuelos / Grandpa's Ramblings

Necesidades de un Abuelo
He estado observando y escuchando – sin querer – algunas conversaciones de mis colegas abuelos, viudos, jubilados en las cafeterías de algunos super mercados.  La gran queja es que sienten que sus hijos no se sienten cómodos con ellos – “No saben qué actividad inventar”.
Hace unos meses mi hijo menor me invitó a acompañarlo a un viaje a Las Vegas, con la advertencia de que no tendría mucho tiempo para dedicarme porque iba a asistir a un congreso que le iba a ocupar casi todo el tiempo.  Lo cierto es que yo me las ingenié para bastonear por toda la ciudad y ver varias obras musicales que me encantaron.
Cuando estábamos en el avión de regreso yo le di las gracias por la invitación.
Hijo, para mí lo más importante es pasar tiempo contigo.  La compañía es lo principal, no las actividades.
Creo que si muchos abuelos viudos se atrevieran a exponer sus sentimientos al respecto tal vez tendrían más oportunidad de no sentirse solos.
De paso, ya estoy invitado a otro viaje….

Grandpa’s Ramblings
I have been listening to many colleagues – grandfathers – conversing about their feelings of loneliness.  They feel that their offspring believe that they have to hold special activities to include their fathers in their lives.
A couple of months ago my youngest son took me along on a business trip to Las Vegas.  He did warn me that there would not be much free time for special activities.  Nevertheless, I did get around and attended a few musicals. My international walking cane was up to par.
On our flight back home I explained to my son that what I had enjoyed the most was his company – flying together, conversing over breakfast…. Just being with him.
I believe that many widowed grandparents would like to spend more time with their children, but if they do not voice it…. Our children cannot guess our feelings.
By the way, I have been invited to another trip….

jueves, 17 de julio de 2014

The Temple Is Not My Father by Rasana Atreya -- Review

The Temple Is Not My Father by Rasana Atreya
Reviewed by Alex Canton-Dutari
Rasana Atreya I consider a sociological writer, as she brilliantly exposes India's social inequities -- or social peculiarities? The discovery of a god's approval of female child prostitution in India did not surprise me. This happens in other societies, also. Nevertheless, the pathos of the story and its ending was, strangely enough, to be expected, as in some societies those living in "the abyss" -- Jack London's expression -- always seem to turn full cycle never finding a way out of their misery.
I am looking forward to Rasana's next book

Jesus Burned by Jim DeFilippi -- a review

Jesus Burned by Jim DeFilippi
Reviewed by Alex Canton-Dutari

I am a fan of this author, who has demonstrated his capacity to describe the whole gamut of human feelings in his previous books. Jesus Burned is full of metaphors and social finger pointing, which made this a great reading experience.
For example, raveling through the body metamorphosing into a soul is but a speck of an important message about life and its inequalities.
I found it very interesting how the deceased told their stories while being almost nonjudgmental in a time when being closeted was the norm. The main characters represented society's struggle between ego and super ego.