lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

Hands Full of Ashes by Kim Holtzon (A review)

Hands Full of Ashes by Kim Hotzon
Review by Alex Canton-Dutari

Do you remember that feeling when the curtain drops and you feel compelled to applaud? Well, I almost did when I finished reading this novel by Kim Holtzon.
I was planning on reading the book at a later date, but I decided to read the acknowledgements, which made me switch gears and continue reading. Moving from comfy Canada to Africa? This was something I could identify with, though it would turn many an eye.
Kim was able to take me on a journey -- actually in a short time frame -- where the main character was trying to recover from deep loss while facing almost more of the same but trying always to survive -- physically and emotionally.
The atrocities in Rwanda, which have been rampant throughout Africa were described realistically enough. The author also took a risky theme in incorporating an inter-racial relationship.
While some trans-cultural reads make me feel that I would like to visit the place, this was not the case for me. It takes people like Olivia and Jan.
BTW, the tree is the baobab. Though seeing referred to as "baobob" made me chuckle.

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