lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

Je Suis Charlie?

It is difficult nowadays to express one's opinion without being, at some point, considered not politically correct.  I am keeping this in mind as I try to write my opinion about the latest events concerning Charlie Hebdo, the satirical French magazine.
Most educated people, especially those interested in world affairs, are aware of the contents of the magazine, especially known for its irreverent social critique.  This means that most religions, world leaders, local French politicians and what not have been subjects of the editorial opinions posted through cartoons.
As a rule, it seems that the recipients of their attention have just grinned -- perhaps -- and taken it.  It is said that it is better to be talked about than ignored.
Nevertheless, this is not the case with some of the Muslim population throughout the world, who have reacted quite violently in turn, going as far as killing fellow human beings for being offensive to their religion.
I understand that freedom of speech -- written, oral, sign... -- Has to be upheld.  Nevertheless, quoting Sally Kohn, who appeared with Anchor Erin Burnett on CNN a few days ago, "freedom of speech carries responsibilities."  To this I would add "respect."
Disrespect will usually produce a defense reaction that may be manifested through actions of revenge, as is the case of the Muslim radicals.
The slogan Je Suis Charlie supports the underlying freedom of speech that we all want to uphold.  But I cannot support the disrespect which has characterized some magazines and newspapers throughout the world.  In this case I have to state:  Je ne peut pas être Charlie.  Je suis Alex.
This is my politically incorrect, apparently, opinion.

Hoy día es difícil expresar una opinión sin ser tachado de ser políticamente incorrecto.  Estoy tomando esto en cuenta mientras intento escribir mi opinión sobre los sucesos concernientes a la revista satírica francesa Charlie Hebdo.
La mayoría de la gente educada e interesada en eventos mundiales está familiarizada con el contenido de estilo irreverente pero de crítica social de la revista.  Esto significa que la mayoría de las religiones, líderes mundiales, políticos franceses y muchos más han sido objetos de sus caricaturas satíricas.  Los afectados generalmente lo toman con un grano de sal.  En realidad, se dice que es mejor ser objeto de atención que ser ignorado.  Empero, como dijo Sally Kohn, quien apareció en una entrevista con Erin Burnett de CNN, "la libertad de expresión conlleva responsabilidades".  A esto yo le añadiría "respeto".
La falta de respeto generalmente produce una reacción defensiva que puede manifestarse a través de acciones de venganza, como en el caso de lo algunos grupos musulmanes.
El <slogan> "Je Suis Charlie" apareció para apoyar la libertad de expresión de los comunicadores sociales representados por Charlie Hebdo.  Pero, yo no puedo apoyar el irrespeto -- acepto la irreverencia -- que ha caracterizado a muchas revistas y periódicos en todo el mundo. 
En este caso, Je ne peut pas être Charlie Hebdo.  Je suis Alex.
Esta es mi opinión políticamente incorrecta en este momento.

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Reviewed by Jansen Estrup1/20/2015A difficult subject well treated, Mr. Canton-Dutari. But most of us seem to have a misunderstanding about 'respect' ... it means, among other things, to give 'special' or 'high' regard, to 'refrain from interfering with' - in other words, to raise up above oneself. This concept is in direct conflict with individual rights, especially if that (in this case religion) which is being respected does not respect individual rights and is hell bent on 'saving' the world into its own image. One is able to 'believe' in whatever institution or theory or fable one pleases, but cannot shirk responsibility for defending its precepts. Rather, I would see each of us embrace self-respect, a dignity which requires that we defend the rights of all other individuals but hold no institution above us. My 'pie in the sky' notion could get me killed, I suppose, as could claiming a stick figure resembles this or that savior - a thing which no one living can possible know. Yet to point this out could be called 'disrespectful', couldn't it? Thanks for sticking your neck out.